EE Cool: Trousers, for me. And other ladies.


I realize high-waisted, pleated women’s trousers are not exactly breaking news in the world of serious fashion, but they’re breaking news in my world.  Because I finally tried them on myself… and am now completely convinced that they’re very, very cool. 

Not every pair is right for everyone, and they won’t work with every shirt and sweater in your closet – nonetheless, I submit that figuring out how to wear them well is well-worth the bother. 


Chloe, Fall 2009

Let’s review the cool report card:

  • Style: They look really good.  Especially if you, like me, would rather pants cinch your waist than the widest point of your hips.


  • Tradition:  First popularized by Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn in the 1930s.  Here’s the evidence:


Marlene Dietrich


Katharine Hepburn


  • Function:  They became popular for women largely because of their function, versus skirts and dresses.  Today, after a decade of low-rise pants creating awkward mid-section gaps for every woman trying to sit gracefully on a barstool, they seem functional in a whole new way.  It’s very reassuring to tuck my silk blouse into their waist, belt it, and be able to stride (and it) comfortably and confidently.  Bonus: they work really well with both sensible and fun shoes, especially with great hosiery.


Chloe, Fall 2009


  • General conscientiousness:  There are not a lot of clothes that, in and of themselves, inspire me to look forward to getting dressed and spending time at the office, but these do – which almost no matter what they cost, makes them very good for the bank account. 

   They’re also stylish and comfortable enough to transition nicely to a cocktail and dinner at home.


Katharine Hepburn again.  Deciding what cocktail Bertessa will make her.



4 comments to EE Cool: Trousers, for me. And other ladies.

  • Like a queen of flowers Kak,hihii.. Thats why i adore you, dffeerint style, so cute&beautiful. Stylenya gak kaya yg lain;D sangat menginspirasi!

  • EE

    :) I stand corrected on the pleats issue. I think they CAN work, but agree universal endorsement is probably too strong.

  • Becky

    I am ALL for the wide leg, high-waisted trouser in all its many delightful incarnations. Anything that can make you feel like you’re in the same club as Marlene Dietrich has to be good.

    But I am perturbed and disturbed by your endorsement of PLEATS. Yes, I have seen you rock the pleats, but a universal endorsement is irresponsible at best, and tragic at worst.

    The waist whittling virtues of a high-rise pant is obliterated by the hip and stomach amplification caused by the extra volume pleats add.

    Flat Front is and will always be vastly superior to the dreaded Pleats.

    Flat Front FTW.

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